The Legend of Kronos


Homer, Hesiod and The Homeric Hymns told the tales of the deities known as 'The Gods of Mount Olympus'. The Olympians, as they were called by their followers, offered an exceptionally agreeable religion to the peoples of current day Greece and Asia Minor during the 13th century. The religion embraced all art, poetry, music, or anything else beautiful and creative, deeming it a blessing of the Immortals, and thus deeply rooted in the traditions of the people.


Kronos was the sire of the Olympians. Kronos was the son of Uranus and Gaia and was known as a devious Titan. Kronos eventually killed his father, Uranus, for he was jealous and fearful of losing his own power. Kronos consumed his first five children for the same reason. Rheia, mate to Kronos, resorted to trickery when she gave birth to Kronos' sixth child, Zeus. Rheia fed Kronos a stone and told him that was his child. The deception was maintained until Zeus ambushed Kronos, and kicked him violently in the stomach. The attack resulted in Kronos vomiting forth his fully-grown children Hades, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, and Poseidon.


His grateful siblings declared Zeus leader of the Gods. Each took a portion of creation as their dominion. Zeus exiled Kronos to Tartaros. A holy war ensued against the Titans where all who failed to recognize Zeus were destroyed. Ultimately, Kronos was invited to join the heroes in a paradise at the end of the world.


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