Partial list of Artists, Engineers, and Musicians who have worked at Kronos

Antonia Bennett- Singer

Bennie Maupin- Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet

Bill Summers- Percussionist

Billy Childs- Grammy award winning Pianist and Composer

The late Billy Preston- Hammond B-3 and Leslie

Bob Sheppard-Saxophone

Brandon Fields-Saxophone

Brian Virtue-Producer

Burt Malcuit

Chris Chaney- Bass

Conrad Korsch- Bass

Dallas Perkins- Guitarist, Singer

Dave Carpenter- Bassist

Dave Hooper- Drummer

Dave Kikoski- Piano

Dave Palmer- Drummer

Deron Johnson- Pianist

Don Grusin- Pianist

Donald Harrison, Jr. - Saxophone

Gary Novak- Drummer, Composer and Producer

Jimmy Earl- Bass

Joel Shearer- Guitar

Joel Taylor- Drummer

John Beasley- Piano

John Stowell-Guitarist

Johnathan Clark-Guitarist/Bassist/Singer/Songwriter

Judd Miller- Trumpet

Kareem Roustom- Film Composer

Kirk Fletcher- Guitarist

Lynn Fiddmont- Singer

Mark Stevens- Pianist

Mike Clark- Drummer

Mike Landau- Guitar

Mike Miller- Guitar

Mike Terry- Engineer

Nick Lashley- Guitar,,557257,00.html

Poe-Indie Artists/Singer/Songwriter

P.F. Sloan- Composer, Singer, Guitarist

Rama Duke-Singer/Songwriter

Rick Zunigar-Guitarist

Robben Ford- Guitarist

Ron Fair- Chairman, Geffen Records

Scott Kinsey- Keyboards

Steve Tavaglione- Saxophone

Taylor Hawkins- Drummer

Terry Haggerty- Guitarist

Travis Carlton- Bassists

Tyler Bates- Film Composer

Walt Fowler- Trumpet

David Steinberg- Pamela Anderson Reality TV series
Film Music
Idea Vision
Lauten Audio
Visual Media
Kurzweil/George Taylor
Paradax Records
Kurtzsounds Music
Treehouse Productions


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